S.O.A D∆NC3R performs a 30 minute new generation dance movement work to the raddest music out sharing culturally diverse men who have grown up in Australia. AWE MILL Gives you DANCE for the rebellious theatres, venues & music festivals.

Witness personal multicultural riches come together who’s blood lines travel all over the planet.
S.O.A D∆NC3R is a culturally diverse dance company presenting many forms of contemporary, urban and world dances. In Calling to Belong the exciting new work by Creative Director Travers Ross (Awe Mill) it uses structured freestyle dreaming with moments of choreography, blow up tricks and live film art projected.
The new world blokes are venerably brave and dancing through life.
The debuted performance at Splendour in the Grass was quoted the favourite act by many of the participants that were lucky enough to witness! Festival 2018 Main stage Commonwealth Games on Surfers Paradise Beach was a whole other level and you will see bellow, it was very well loved by the Audience.

The Difference between a Man and a S.O.A is the man looks away.


Super Sonic Shape Shifters of Awe

I serve and represent the Super Sonic Shape Shifters of Awe because thy am SOA

SOAs expect the unexpected and believe in who they are. Thy are AWE, Thy Super Sonically Shape Shift, Thy are the moment, innocent to the unknown knowing, adventurous, thriving and have every intention of being the gift, the present, the AWE .

SOAs are a all walks of life, all backgrounds, religions, cultures, genres, sexuality’s, they are the lights in the dark connected through the power of AWE. Thy are making the new footsteps to be hopscotched, who together can traverse cultures honouring the old and new to help towards advancing humanity.

SOAs are not defined by the external. Thy have shared feels, dreams and a vision for a new reality, thy see no ordinary moments.

SOAs believe everything is temporary but respect it like its been here for ever. Individual moments are the new assets to acquire. Thy own thy unco-ness, Thy use thy mistakes to grow not seeing mistakes, only steps to the vision.

SOAs are out of the Norm. Thy not surfers, dancers, musicians, athletes, chefs, scientists, leaders, students or film makers. Thy are all of these and strive to beyond.

Super Sonic Shape Shifters of Awe celebrate people who push society pulls and pushes when society pulls. The thinkers. The now lovers. The Black sheep. History has proven that it’s the rule breakers who have the power to change the world.

You are a SOA. Simply activate yourself here

We create Awe

By Travers Ross

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January 18, 2019

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